ACE, Inc. was founded in 2004 by Sara and Jay Shanley, two former first responders who wanted to make a difference in the little known, aviation fuel safety training industry. We began providing compliance training to airport refueling personnel at Part 139 certificated airports. At the request of our clients, we have expanded to include Security Identification Display Area (SIDA), Airport Ground Vehicles Training, Ramp Operational Safety training and consulting services. As a result, our mission has been to provide open, accessible and flexible learning management solutions to aviation organizations worldwide.

Value Driven

ACE, Inc. is value driven. We recognize the financial burden of operating a successful business. Our model for business keeps the financial aspect in mind by providing high quality, comprehensive, timely courses. We are customer focused and operate our customer service line from 0800-1800 M-F and email support from 1800-2300 M-F and 0800-2300 S-S.
Integrity and trust is our foremost asset. By working as a team ACE can provide our basic safety training service or provide robust course and website development for your organization. We hold ourselves accountable to our clients and students. With over 34 years of aviation fire, security and safety experience, we have the answers. Our vision of the future is to provide not only premiere educational opportunities to enhance airfield safety but to the attendee with a complete learning environment. Our turnkey course populated Learning Management System service provides companies with a cost effective method to train their employees. Additional savings may be seen from lowered insurance premiums and higher employee productivity. Let ACE go to work for you to raise the bar on safety. ACE strives to transform the education technology industry by combining the benefits of learning management applications with enterprise-level security, reliability and scalability.

Our Mission

To provide the very best, comprehensive training for those operating on strict budgets. Our ALL INCLUSIVE approach is novel in the industry and provides open, accessible and flexible learning management solutions to those who might otherwise not participate. To provide unparalleled customer support. There are three ways to contact an instructor during you online education. The message center provides a chat style window for direct texting, email if you're not in a rush or phone for assistance and receive an immediate response. Our customer service line is open from from 0800-1800 M-F and email support from 1800-2300 M-F and 0800-2300 S-S and you’ll always talk with a competent professional when you call SafetyPro Training Center.