Start a new career!Take the time to learn new skills

    Get your start in aviation or move up to fueling operations with our Line Fuel Service course. This course will get YOU in the door first!
    Start a new career!Take the time to learn new skills

    Enjoy SafetyPro online learning

    Taking a few moments to read emails and course introductions help make eLearning enjoyable. Please make certain your computer or device is capable of managing the network load of a complex learning management system.
    Enjoy SafetyPro online learning

    Misfueling Prevention Information

    Watch the video NOW! Only 4 minutes to save a life. Register to get your free copy Energy institute publication E1-1597. Watch the Save a Life, Prevent Aircraft Misfuelings 14 minutes video with Keith Clark, Phillips 66 Aviation.
    Misfueling Prevention Information

    Get FAA approved certificates

    All SafetyPro Training Center certificates are authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration in their quarterly updated Advisory Circular 150/523-4C.
    Get FAA approved certificates

    SafetyPro published the first computer based online training for 14 CFR 139.321

    In 2007, SafetyPro, owned and operated by a helicopter pilot and former first responders, began the first 14 CFR 139.321 online only course. We cover fuel and personal safety basics in a way that has brought worldwide acclaim.
    SafetyPro published the first computer based online training for 14 CFR 139.321

    Move e-learning forward

    What's the difference in the 14 CFR 139.321 subjects supervisor’s teach and what’s required by Advisory Circular 150/5230-4.  

    Today, Congress requires aviation fuel handlers to train at least one supervisor to 14 CFR 139.321(e)(1) requirements.  That supervisor, in turn, must train all others in the in the material presented in the supervisory course as outlined in the Advisory Circular referenced above.

    Imagine an FBO employing 3-supervisors, 20-line service personnel and an annual attrition rate of 25 percent. That equates to 2-supervisors and 10-line personnel will need training annually.  And, to make matters more complex for the supervisor,  they must continue to perform their normal duties and manage academic course development and delivery, time better spent out on the line, watching and understanding the practical training needs of the team. 

    Then there are new hires; whether from the loss of a team member or from growth, they add another layer of responsibility.  These employees MUST be trained PRIOR to assuming duties and since training is required immediately, our Line Fuel Service course provides all the FAA and OSHA requirements for handling aviation fuels, lubricants and oxygen in 4-5 hours, on day one, either from our website or from your corporate learning management system. 

    Give us a call or email to discuss how easy it is to get started.

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    Less Attrition

    Employee's stay longer when they are invested in safety training. And while they are there they are safer and more productive. Long term employees engage better with long term customers as well. A friendly face on the ram is a welcome sight to travelers.

    Financial Reward

    Less employee turnover. Only 4-5 hours of time required every two years or on the first day for new hires. New hires will stay longer because they feel valued. A Uniform shirt is great too, but it wears out. Fuel safety training lasts a lifetime. LARGE discounts for LARGE teams!

    Safer with Teams

    Team members are all exposed to the same information. They work better together. Our curriculum is updated when required by governmental regulation or industry standard changes. Let us keep you and your team informed!

    Lead the way!

    Bring your organization into the future with online FAA approved training, either on your Learning Management System or our website. We can set up your own course with supervisory access to monitor student progress.

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    SafetyPro has over 50 courses available. All of our courses have been designed by subject matter experts to give you an interactive and enjoyable learning experience.

    Custom FAA Training Programs

    SafetyPro has developed both SIDA (Security Identification Display Area) and Driver Training (Airport Movement and Non-Movement Area)  programs for airports that require an online training method for 100 to 100,000 airport workers annually to meet Federal Aviation Administration driver and security requirements.  Our program modifies state of the art highly produced, fully narrated training courses, with airport supplied photos, video and other pertinent data to meet the FAA's Geo-specificity requirement. 

    SafetyPro can modify any course to your standards and publish it on our website with supervisory access or they can be delivered on your internal learning management system.  Give us a call or email today!! 877-322-7139 or cs@aviationcontinuinged.com

    Discover your future

    Have you thought about a career in aviation, but don't know where to start?

    SafetyPro Training Center is a great place to start.  Our FAA approved fuel safety courses prepare you for entry level positions at fixed base operators (FBO's) servicing aircraft. This a perfect way to "Get your feet wet" in aviation, to see if it's a right fit. Being around all that power isn't for everyone. But, for those that embrace the smell of jet fuel in the morning the skies await. Many, that start off fueling aircraft go on to have great careers in aviation. Not everyone has the desire to fly!

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